9 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is the process of building an email list of subscribers and sending emails to them in the hopes of selling a product or service or building brand awareness.

Email marketing is popular because:

  • sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication
  • email lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people have to come to your message)

9 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

1. Define a strategy (your aims & objectives) – Are you trying to:

  • increase sales
  • offer a new service
  • create brand awareness
  • create buzz

Set goals for your email marketing based on your objectives.

2. Build your list. Your email list of subscribers is one of your companies greatest assets. Do not purchase an email list. When you provide relevant, meaningful content people will willingly share their email address.

3. Content is (still) king. Engage and build strong relationships with prospects and customers with great content. Be sure:

  • your subject line is attention grabbing
  • you have a clear call to action
  • you are accomplishing your marketing objective (strategy)
  • use graphics and visuals

4. Timing is everything.  Knowing the best day and time of day to send your email is crucial. If you have a global audience, consider time zones. The best open rates are close to lunchtime. Monday’s aren’t the best, Tuesday and Wednesday offer best results. When planning events, send multiple times including reminders.

5. Incorporate social media.  Create email objectives with social sharing in mind. Embed social sharing capabilities. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow members to send content to their network

6. Be mobile ready  It’s safe to assume your messages are going to be read on a mobile. Test the formatting of your email marketing messages on various devices. Ask your subscribers how they want their email delivered. Is your site mobile ready?

7. Test, test and test some more.  Take the guesswork out of your email marketing programs. Which emails or calls to action are performing? Test subject lines and send times. Try your newsletter in various browsers. Use A/B testing to check which subscription box works better. Experiment with styles, colors, fonts and call to actions and let your target audience indicate which sign-up box that they prefer.

8. Measure.  Open rates are how many people opened your email and is important to track. Compelling subject lines, date and time can impact open rates. Click rates are tied to your call to action. If your CTR (click through rates) are low, are you inserting too many? is the wording correct? Track your unsubscribe rates and make adjustments.

9. Publish your newsletters.  Upload previous newsletters to your blog and share through social media. Add a call to action on the footer of each blog post to encourage readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

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We use AWeber for our Email Marketing – All the tools you need to build profitable email marketing campaigns. Free support 7 days a week. 100s of templates. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses.

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