9 Step Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is used for recruiting, job search and networking all over the world, but this social media platform is also a strong enhancement to your companies’ content marketing strategies. Having a Company Page on LinkedIn isn’t just one more site for you to update and monitor. Your business must be where your customers are and LinkedIn is an important channel for you to communicate with your readers and engage a greater following.

Supernova Media on LinkedInYou can only create a company page with an existing valid email address with the same domain as your company website. ie: info@supernovamedia.ca. As a creator of the page you must have this email included in your personal profile also. Also note, LinkedIn will not allow two company profiles with the same company name. Because there was already another company (in Germany) with the name Supernova Media, we had to include the “.ca” in the company name in order to list our company. (not ideal…)

Once you are logged-in click on ‘Interests’ in the navigation bar, then ‘Companies’ , and then on ‘Add a Company’ in the right. Fill in the required fields and you can start editing your company page on LinkedIn following these nine steps to make sure everything is perfectly set:

1. Fill in all essential information about your company

People will be coming to your LinkedIn page to find out more about your company, the products and/or services you offer and your reputation in the industry you work in. You should provide all this information in your company page, including the name of your company, the foundation date, type of business, description of your unique offering, your headquarters addresses, the company’s website URL, your products and services, and industry specialties.

2. Optimize your profile for search

Keywords and search phrases are important on LinkedIn also if you want your page to rank higher in search engines’ results. When you add the company info make sure to apply the same keywords you use on your company website. You can also research your competitors and see the words and phrases they use to adapt and enhance yours if necessary. Read Getting the Most Out Of LinkedIn for additional info on how to optimize your LinkedIn company page for the search engines.

LinkedIn Keywords3. Upload your company logo and add a cover photo

The company logo is an important branding element. You need to upload a standard size logo on your LinkedIn company page, and a square one for the updates you’ll post. Adding a cover picture will further enhance the visual communication between you and your readers. When selecting the image make sure it either informs, entertains or supports your brand. You can also use this space to combine the logo with a short message about your company and business because the description is positioned at the end of the page.LinkedIn Company Image Dimensions

4. List your specialties

Your LinkedIn company page should also include the products and services you have to offer. Write the descriptions in a compelling way trying to explain what makes your company different, what is your particular selling proposition, how you help your clients, etc. Your audience should know this. Also make sure to first list your top selling product or the one people most search for, because that’s the one people will first see when they land on your page. Supernova Tip: Add your top selling product last, in order for it to show up first on your products/services pages. Once you have your products and services filled out, there is the option to request recommendations. DO THIS!

linkedin products and services5. List current job openings

In the Careers tab you can list the open job positions you are currently looking to fill in. A text description is free for all users, and with a premium account you can also add images and videos. For job openings that target different audiences you can customize different versions of the page on your company LinkedIn profile.

6. Ask your employees to link to the company page in their personal profiles

Your employees can list the company page in their personal profiles as their employer. That way, when other people look up their profiles they will also be able to visit your company page and get to know more about what you offer. The employees LinkedIn profiles will also be visible on the company page, so those who are interested in doing business with you can check the backgrounds of the people they’ll be working with.

7. Add employees as page administrators

You should also add the employee(s) with admin roles who you want to update and manage your company page. Employees who manage your other social accounts should also be able to access your LinkedIn page in order to make sharing easier.

8. Start pushing out content and promote more effectively

When you are done completing the information in the company page you should start pushing out quality, interesting and relevant content to engage more readers. Use targeted updates to appeal to specific segments, promote your new LinkedIn page on other social media to gain following, add the Recommend button to encourage your connections to give recommendations and interact with your company page, and use the sponsored updates to boost your exposure.

share updates9. Make sure to check your company page analytics

As with any other social media you need to closely follow your page activity to be able to adapt your content and offering to what your audience sees as useful, interesting and sharable. LinkedIn recently rolled out their new and improved analytics for company pages. Check this post to see what else you can track now aside from page views, unique visitors, and link clicks on your products and services.

Supernova Tip: When you search your company via Linkedin search, you will land on your company page via a “big long ugly url”.  For example, our link is http://www.linkedin.com/company/3351367?trk=tyah&trkInfo=tas%3Asupernovamedia. (This url is NOT going to look good in your promotions). 

If you’re looking for a shareable link that is easier on the eyes, here is the link recipe: http://www.linkedin.com/company/ + your company name separated by hyphens Result: http://www.linkedin.com/company/supernovamedia-ca There…now that will look much better on:

  • your LinkedIn personal profile (under “company name” begin typing and select your company page)
  • your outgoing email signature
  • on your business card
  • your other social profiles
  • email newsletter

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in companies’ social media and content marketing strategies, but in order to prove its value you need to be consistent and patient in your efforts. What do you think? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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