7 Metrics from New Facebook Insights to Help You Grow Your Fans

Page managers and successful marketers have always valued the important data provided in Facebook Insights that help drive their strategic marketing decisions. Recently, Facebook updated the web version including new features like improved date slider, benchmarking, more data on post clicks, advanced filtering, when your fans are online info, and other robust facts and figures. If your business still isn’t on this social site read this. All the rest can go to their page admin panel and click on See All to launch the overview. Here are seven improved metrics you should constantly monitor to help raise your Facebook fans:

Facebook Insights

Page Likes

We all consider page likes as one of the root, most basic social media metrics to consider. In the new insights you can adjust your desired data range from just a week to months so it will be a lot easier to compile and evaluate the data in your periodic comparisons. This way you can also better track the success of your long-term ad campaigns. The new nicer-looking graphic contributes to improved user experience.

In addition, the insights provide more information on the sources of your page likes, where do they come from, are they paid, organic, mobile, from page suggestions, information on page unlikes, etc. You can isolate this data and analyze it in its own graph or combined with other metrics, – another improved feature that wasn’t available to marketers earlier.


Engagement and greater following is what we are all after on social media. Every campaign goal is to increase the business reach and influence.This time Facebook allows us to use their knowledge and dig deeper into our readers behaviors, giving us a whole new graphwith likes, comments and shares for us to evaluate. Again, you can adjust the time period that you want to study, and then compare it with your performance over time. Additionally, you can analyze the gain and loss in engagement for each of your posts, and this way fine-tune your business marketing campaigns and strategies.



The new version of Facebook insights keeps the post reach data we all are used to, andin addition offers a look into the page negative feedback, measuring when people hide your posts from their news feeds, when they unlike your page, or report you as spam. This is very important data for page managers and marketers. If you notice increase in the negative social publicity you can go back to those posts, analyze the reasons and adjust your strategy, tone and language accordingly.

External Referrers

Another important metric that you should consider is what other places around the Internet are directing visitors to your Facebook page. The new, improved page insights provide data on the top external traffic sources so you can make the necessary adjustments in your blogs, online promotions and social campaigns to better guide your potential new fans.

Post Clicks

Post clicks were available before, but this time Facebook allows us to isolate our posts and analyze the provided data for likes, comments, shares and link clicks to evaluate them in terms of traffic and for driving engagement.This metrics are very important if you want to break down your ad campaigns to details and learn from experience on what works best with your audience.

When Your Fans Are Online

When is the best time to post? This may be one of the most asked questions among social media marketers and page managers. The new Facebook insights feature information about when your fans are online, broken down in days and hours so you can best schedule your posts according to your fans consumption habits to reach greater exposure and higher conversions.


There was enough age, gender and geographical location data in the previous version of Facebook insights, but this time they updated the demographics to show this information not just for your fans, but also for the people you’ve reached and those you’ve engaged with your posts. This way you can easily determine which part of your audience to focus to. If, for example, large part of your readers are located in same area, you can target local-specific posts to increase your page reach and engagement there.

Have you tried the new Facebook insights? What is your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow. Visit Supernova Media on Facebook.

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