5 Tips for a Great Profile Pic

Your profile picture will usually be the first impression someone has when viewing your profile. Profile pics now show up in the SERPs via Google Authorship. Don’t miss your chance for a positive first impression.

We’ve all done it, changed our profile pic willy nilly.  Used photos of our cat or dog!  Or even a silly cartoon.  I’m personally guilty of doing all of the above.  Now; for personal page this is ok, but when you have a business page you should consider presenting a more branded approach.

5 Tips for a great profile pic:

1.  By keeping your profile pic consistent you will increase your brand recognition across your social media platforms.  You will need to make the big decision whether to use yourself or a logo image as your brand’s image!   Another important question is whether you should use the same profile pic across your many social platforms.  My boss and social media guru, Nancy Bain tells me: “ You are Your Brand ! ”.

2.  Keep in mind the size of the thumbnail profile pic, because some photos will not scale properly in the thumbnail view.  Especially the tiny pic that is used when you comment on someone’s post!  Your logo might be too wide to scale properly, maybe consider creating an icon from a portion of you logo, similar to what we’ve done.  Check out our Facebook page to see what I mean.

3.  Use a quality photo. In the print industry we have a saying about photos: “shit in – shit out”. No amount of Photoshop editing can fix a bad photo.

4.  Profile Pic’s do have a shelve life. Try to keep them current. I’d say if your head shot is older the 2 yrs then it’s time to update it.

5.  Have a little holiday fun by changing your pic for the holiday!  Many big brands do this.  Add a Santa hat to your profile photo, etc.

To see some handy examples of good profile pics, check out this great presentation from my friend  Jim Evan, owner of  GeekClean,  Jim’s  slideshare presentation ,  look for slide 13 to slide 19 for the profile pic example.


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