10 Tips to stay connected during an internet outage

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Hi. My name is Nancy and I’m a Facebook addict. In fact, I’m addicted to the internet. Rather than obsessing over Hurricane Sandy and possible internet outages I decided to be proactive and prepare. First, I made a stew. (I always think better on a full stomach) Then, I made this list. 

Did you know Social media addiction may soon be considered a legitimate illness? Try abstaining from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools for a day, and you might experience withdrawal. Recent studies show the symptoms are similar to withdrawal from drugs.  

Dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sanday poses a major threat to portions of the U.S. East Coast  with rain and winds for days yet to come.  Stay connected and productive with these tips should you lose power and experience an internet outage .

10 Tips to Stay Connected During an Internet Outage

1. Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance

2. Fully charge your laptop, notebooks and cellphones

3. Get the most out of your smart phone’s battery:

  • turn off all radios: WiFi, bluetooth, etc
  • turn off all push notifications
  • restart to kill all running apps
  • turn the brightness down
  • use the internet only when necessary

4. Upload your files to the cloud and access on any device. If the laptop dies you can use your tablet. 

5. Go offsite. Go to a local shop that is running on generator and charge your devices.

6. Purchase a Device for Mobile Broadbandas simple as buying a mobile broadband USB stick, a modem that plugs in like a flash drive

7. Charge your laptop in your car.

8. Use the telephone.

9. Click refresh every 5 seconds to see if the Internet is back on.  Or  search for the best 404 pages.  🙄

10. Prepare for when the Internet is back up by taking random new Facebook profile photos. 😆

 Do you think social media withdrawal is silly? Go ahead. Unplug for a week and see how you feel. 

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